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Skulls, Masks, Armour and other Entropy

Below, in the following pages, you will find custom made artwork, jewelry, cosplay armour, masks, and more. All work is original and of our own design. We hand make everything, from the jewelry to the sculptures to the way they are painted. These are unique, one of a kind pieces that you wont find anywhere else. Cosplay or LARP armour, masks, wall art, all custom made, with new pieces being added frequently, if you can think of it, we can make it. We can do custom work and custom paint jobs on existing pieces quickly and custom sculptures in three to six months, depending on the design your looking for. When ordering please specify if you would like a mask, armour or wall art, and if you have a custom design request, either paint, sculpture or type of armour. Please contact us directly through email or on the custom order form through this website. This is only the beginning. Soon enough we will be offering prints, hand made body jewelry, t-shirts and more. So check back often to see what new nefarious offerings we  have. 

Armour, LARP, Wearable Art

A:   115 North Portage Path, Apartment 3

Akron, Ohio 44303

T:   330- 957- 1218

E:  BadEvilDesign@Outlook.com

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