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Chaos War Banner

Chaos War Banner


I made this as a sign for cons and shows, but we have had interest in people wanting to purchase it. The wood I used was pine, bevelled edges. The points are tipped with Worbla, the skulls on the points are cast in acrylic and painted. The two hanging skulls are cast from a latex mold, airbrushed and hand painted. I plan on adding more when I get around to it. The center skull is two of the orginal skulls mashed together and airbrushed. Bleached raccoon fur hangs around the center skull. The banner (not shown in all photographs) was made from leather, pieced together and whip stitched. Each section was individually painted to make it look like the banner was made from several other banners taken in battle. (I REALLY like Beastmen. #WH4Life)

This is basically an example of something that can be made for you. Its technically for sale (I can always make another) but if you have an original design we can make it. Price varies, send us a message for details. 


A:   115 North Portage Path, Apartment 3

Akron, Ohio 44303

T:   330- 957- 1218

E:  BadEvilDesign@Outlook.com

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