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Plague Skull


This skull was mounted on a wooden plaque, using acrylic so its sturdy and wont fall off. I used super sculpy and created all the tendrils and worms, mostly airbrushed but hand painted in some of the more difficult and detailed parts. It is expensive, due to the amount of time and energy that goes into sculpting each individual tentacle and then paintine by hand. It is, however, one of the coolest things we sell. Due to the price, however, this sculpture has a limited guarentee on it. If a tentacle breaks that cant be fixed with a little super glue you can send it back and I will fix it, no charge. I wont re-do the entire thing (all the tentacles...that shouldnt happen and would not be the fault of the sculpture. If it fall from the wall due to mouting it incorrectly and shatters, I do not take responsibility for things like that.) But it is delicate and it can break and all you need do is send it back to me and I will fix any breakage. 


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